We Tutor Your Child

Always be ready to tutor, or to access the best tutoring foundations for your Elementary, Middle School and Junior High learners.

We welcome you to our child safe, learning-conducive environment. We Tutor Your Child is a Fee-based, academic-tutoring service serving in the Toronto area. We foster the STEM/STEAM Education Curriculum. We are an affiliate of Juniors in Literacy 1983.

We ensure that your child masters the Art of Printing (JK,  SK, Gr.1)  using our uniquely designed Program. Cursive Handwriting/Lettering is introduced in Gr. 3, and maintained through to Gr. 8.boy2.jpg

Remedial Learning is our major focus as we achieve our goal of laying a solid foundation for your child’s successful academic outcome.  We Tutor Your Child provides Home Schooling Services only on an exceptional basis.

Parental and family support is a joint strategy engaged by our environment.  We count on you, and similarly you can depend on us. Your child’s academic growth is our common goal. We identify behaviors that are obstacles to successful academic learning.

Our Tutoring Sessions are held on an hourly basis.  Mondays and Wednesdays for Online Math Tech Learners only.   Tuesdays and Thursdays for all Textbook Learners.  Sessions run from 4-5-6 pm. On Saturdays,  hourly Tutoring Sessions run from noon to 5 pm.

We participate in Math Tech online learning as an enhancement to the textbook learning. Math Tech also serves as an evaluation tool charting the student’s progress   Students get an early exposure in Grade 3.

Carefully observe as your child grows in confidence and quality performance!… and the Universe smiles.

Contact us today,  We Tutor Your Child at (647) 764-4736!