Positioning Your Junior High Learner

We Tutor Your Child  is a pioneer with a Legacy of  37  successful years of Community Service, and an affiliate of  Juniors in Literacy 1983.

Our Junior High School Learners (Gr 6 thru Gr 8) are made conscious of the expectations of High School as the gateway for University, College, Trade Skills and Community Service.

We counsel our Junior High Learners to create a balance of Academic, Volunteerism, Faith-based Lifestyle and Relaxation. We identify areas on their weekly schedule that would lead to burnout of body, mind, spirit. It’s our Holistic approach.

When transitioning thru Senior High School these Learners return to We Tutor Your Child for continuing opportunities in:

  • Training in Community Literacy Program Volunteerism
  • Building their Resume
  • Workshops in Scholarship Application with Referral
  • OSSD 40 hours Service Contract
  • Job Referrals (after 1 year)
  • Post Secondary Ed. Preparation
  • Career In-House Literacy Facilitator/Trainee
  • First Job Opportunity-Inhouse
  • UofT  STEM Engineering Leadership Camp
  • Harbourfront Camps-Counsellor Training Course

We Tutor Your Child provides added ESL and ELD Training  for International High School Students on a per need basis.

Watch as your teenagers develop with the understanding of becoming responsible and caring citizens.  Be proud of them as they commit to Community Service in their chosen field.


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